Q: What is YourGamingEdge?

A: YourGamingEdge is a website where I post various kinds of budget PC build and other gaming/pc/tech related stuff.


Q:Who are you?

A:I am just a boy who loves to do research on new technology and share with others.


Q:Where are you situated?

A:I am living in Bangladesh.


Q:Where do you research?

A:I research mostly online as I don’t get to get my hnds on latest tech stuff due to mney and tax problems !


Q: Do you have ads on your website?

A: Currently not now !


Q: Can I contact you ?

A: Of Course! you can contact me at yourgamingedge.com/contact


Q: Can I submit my articles?

A: I would love to read and post your article.


Q: How do I submit article?

A: You can email me your articles at hi@yourgamingedge.com