Augusta’s Staring Role Over Tiger

EA sports has stuck with Tiger Woods even when other sponsors were jumping ship, but as time goes on it appears that EA may be trying to distance themselves from him as well, or maybe they are just trying to sell their product. Tiger WoodsPGA TOUR 12: The Masters is being heavily promoted, but only one name on the title is getting any love, and it is not Tiger. That’s right, EA has used Augusta National to try and revive sales that, to say the least, did not look good last year.

EA made a big showing at the Masters tournament itself and have been promoting the video game by promoting the never before seen on video, August National. In fact, most versions of the game do not even feature Woods on the cover. So far the marketing strategy has worked.  The new video game sold an impressive 225,000 copies during the first week of release, breaking the record for the franchise set four years ago. Maybe a little part of everyone wants to see Tiger return to dominance, but his mediocre playing of recent does not seem to be the main reason for purchasing the game. Augusta National is the star of this round.

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