Battlefield 3 to run best on PC

During E3 many people were curious as to which console the footage of BF3 was being played on. Some were worried that it was PC footage being shown in fear that the public wouldn’t like what they saw when it was played on consoles. During E3, a part of the development team was asked what was being shown, their answer? It was a mix of all the consoles. Everyone at this time took a sigh of relief knowing that gameplay would go unhitched on console. Recently though, we’ve learned that even though footage looks good on on consoles, it will still run best on PC. We know it LOOKS good, so we are guessing this means that the frame rate will be better on a PC and therefore less frames on console. This will definitely make the PC gamers happy, especially since it has always been almost totally a PC game. On the other hand, console gamers may have a bit of worry, but i assure you, from the footage we saw at E3, and what the frostbite 2 engine is capable of, I’m sure it will run just fine.

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