Battlefield 3: What we’ve been waiting for.

Back in 2005 when developer DICE and publisher EA released Battlefield 2, it was a breath of fresh air for those who had still been playing Battlefield 1942 and the subsequent expansions. Battlefield 2 brought the same multiplayer battlefield everyone knew and loved but with more modern combat. Now six years later the gaming community is excited for what DICE is calling “a real sequel to Battlefield 2″. The reason that people are so excited is that this  means we are in for a great, full, gaming experience like that of Battlefield 2.  Obviously there will be updated  graphics via DICE’s FrostBite 2 engine which is a new and improved engine from FrostBite which was used for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. While there have been some people skeptical of whether or not this is gonna just  be a new Battlefield 2, DICE has made it clear by saying, “This is not Battlefield 2″, which leaves lots of fanboys  very excited for what is in store. Most gamers have seen the twelve minute gameplay trailer and have been amazed at the lifelike motion capture animations of characters,  lighting, physics, and particle effects. Battlefield 3 is definitely not going to disappoint. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments.

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