Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Alright gamers, you know the series and most of you love it. Call of Duty is at it again and this time they strategically planned their reveal trailer to compete with DICE and EA’s new shooter this year, Battlefield 3. Most people right now are frantically thinking about how they can bash their less favorite series and talk about why their favorite is the best, but lets get one thing clear. These are totally different games. CoD is a firefight multiplayer shooter with a single player campaign. Battlefield 3, if it falls suit, won’t have a campaign and it’s multiplayer is battlefield based, not small firefights like CoD. For me, I’m excited for both but what I’m most excited about is that Inifinity Ward is back on the CoD wagon. I haven’t liked any CoDs that Treyarch did. Some liked Black Ops, but for me, It has a different feel than MW3, almost like a whole different franchise. Either way, things look great for E3 this year and Infinity Ward is definitely going to deliver.

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