Can Nintendo get back in the Game

Nintendo’s Wii successor is planning to be released for sale sometime in 2012 with a preview next month at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles. There has not been much information released about the new console but we know for sure that Nintendo is long overdue for a follow-up gaming system. There is only speculation at this time as to what the new system will off. Wii 2, as it is rumored to be named, has a huge mountain to climb to beat or even equal what the Wii did when it emerged as the first motion-controlled gaming system. The Wii brought in new demographics that had never been targeted before such as women and seniors.

Wii sales have been down, and with Sony and Microsoft joining the motion control system niche with Playstation Move and the Xbox Kinect respectively, Nintendo will have to step up their game if they want to compete. Sony and Microsoft offer enhanced high-definition graphic, streaming multimedia and online multiplayer options. The Wii has had to rely on family-friendly classics with standard-definition characters and limited internet. The customers that have to be targeted are the newer generations who have been raised in a 3D graphics world and they will not go for the old school Wii. The rumors for the Wii 2 include high-definition 1080p graphics, more computing power than the Playstation 3 and a controller with a touchscreen built into it. Of course this is all just speculation right now but one thing is for sure; Nintendo better go big or go home because the new gaming world will only want the best system out there and they will not play favorites.

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