Chiron 181k 5* (Rock Band Drums)

If you want to just watch me play, add me to a watchlist on ustream. I’m going to focus on streaming more often now that I can’t do split cam views. IMPORTANT: So because I’ve no longer got my camera that I used to do the split cam view and I do not like how the webcam video is, the split cam vids are done for now. So that means that any videos I’m putting up are going to be straight videos of the notechart. So my question to the subscribers is this: What do you want me to do with my channel now? Stick to mostly FCs (someguy style)? Try and get up some sightreads or near sightreads (although I don’t purchase all the songs)? Something else? I’m curious. I figure most people subscribed to me knowing that I do split cam views, and now that I can’t, I want to know what those people would prefer. So if you’re one of those people either PM me or just comment here. Also, Chiron is fun and ATR’s drum charts are insane.

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