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Fate Extella Link Video Game FAQ — Tips and Tricks

Fate Extella Link Video Game FAQ
Developed by Marvelous, the fate extella link game is an action video game comprising various fate extella link characters. Part of the third instalment of the fate extella link game universe is the second version of the game that was […]

Developed by Marvelous, the fate extella link game is an action video game comprising various fate extella link characters. Part of the third instalment of the fate extella link game universe is the second version of the game that was released outside Japan’s country. It was earlier announced in March 2016 and then released in November 2016 in Japan for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. The fate extella link game follows a storyline that features the clash between two prominent fate extella link characters, led by Tamamo and Nero, who are pitted against each other in the Holy Grail quest and the moon. Soon, the fate extella link game introduces a third fraction, which follows Altera. Embracing white fate extella link costumes, this character looks forward to destroying entire civilizations in addition to Saber from the previous edition of the fate extella link game. This game has been followed by a sequel in 2018 (consoles) and 2019 (PCs).

The fate extella link is set in an era where the Holy Grail War events have taken place. Nero with her master (with the true name Hakuno Kishinami), on winning the war, have gained complete control of the Moon Cell Automaton computer, giving them the ability to get a wish granted. Staying true to their kinship in the fate extella link game, they win the Regalia ring, one that gives them the ability to rule over scores of former enemy servants. Next, however, they are faced by a new enemy, one who holds the Regalia. This story is narrated from Altera’s experiences and perspectives (aka Attila), Tamamo no Mae, and Nero. Apart from the game’s main focus, there are side stories that occasionally shift the focus of the fate extella link to other servants.

The gameplay of Fate Extella Link

This is a single-player action-genre game where the player takes the form of a Master, who fights many enemies like the Dynasty Warriors, with servants by their sides. Several customizations can be made to the master, in the form of their genders and names. Divided into a total of 8 classes, their are16 servants the player can choose to play in the game. The eight classes are Extra Class, Berserker, Assassin, Caster, Rider, Lancer, Archer, and Saber. There are various fighting styles used by different servants, which players can use in different stages following the environment and their needs.

Taking the servants’ form, players can roam the battlefields and fight through strong or weak attacking modes. They can even guard or defend themselves through the aerial dash performance. The players can employ the special attack in the form of Extella Maneuver by the consumption of a certain gauge. This way, they can use special powers by the changes in weapons and appearance, making it easy to fight and take down enemies nearby. Through a mode called Supremacy Battle, soldiers can try their hand at attacking Regime Matrices ], for total control over a particular area.

How to unlock characters in the fate Extella link?

The fate extella link characters can be unlocked by completing the respective stages they are locked on. For instance, the Gilgamesh character can be unlocked after stage 21 is completed in the fate extella link.

Unlocking the Gilgamesh fate Extella?

The fate extella Gilgamesh unlock is possible only with the completion of Stage 21 in the Fate Extella Link Video Game. This would be on the last route, in the form of stages 3 and 5. The entire guide to the unlocking of servants is given in the next section.

Servant Unlock Guide Explained

A map is followed for the unlock of different story mode characters after the completion of respective missions. After the completion of Stage one, users can look out for the “Select Servant” menu to check for Nameless and after the Extra Battle is unlocked on any respective Day 2 stage. If the silhouette for a missing servant is requested at any stage of the game, it will respond with the stage the particular servant can be unlocked from. If there are any duplicate servants/ fate extella link characters available, it emphasizes that the particular servant can be unlocked after the completion of that particular stage/stage(s).

It should also be known that until Stage 18 and Stage 19 are completed in any difficulty, the servants/ fate extella link unlock characters will not be unlocked to play in the Story Mode. They can be unlocked for Extra Battles only. For example, once the player completed Stage 18, he/she can then play in the form of Scathach.

It is also important to know that Young Altera is paid and can be used only once the DLC is bought by the player. Following are the character unlocks in the game:

  • Stage 1: Nameless (These fate extella link characters will not be able to play yet, but they are shown in the Select Servant Menu on any respective stage of Day 2
  • Stage 2, Stage 3, or Stage 4: Extra Battle and Gawain
  • Stage 4: Francis Drake
  • Stage 5: Robin Hood
  • Stage 6: Astolfo
  • Stage 7: Cu Chulainn
  • Stage 8: Elizabeth Bathory
  • Stage 9: Lancelot
  • Stage 10: Li Shuwen
  • Stage 11: Artoria Pendragon
  • Stage 12: Scathach
  • Stage 13 or Stage 14: Jeanne D’Arc
  • Stage 15: Medusa
  • Stage 16: Darius III
  • Stage 17: Lu Bu Fengxian
  • Stage 20: Archimedes
  • Stage 21: Gilgamesh
  • Stage 23: Iskandar
  • Stage 24: Karna
  • Stage 24: Altera
  • Stage 25: Arjuna
  • Stage 27: Rex Magnus Karl

These are different fate extella link characters that are found in multiple stages in the Fate Extella Link Video Game.


This is a brief guide with some frequently asked questions answered about the Fate Extella Link Video Game. We hope that his guide was useful for you, wish you all the best for the game.


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