By, Brett Bergan

Linus, Gamer Nexus, and the BitWit all did a recent unboxing of the Walmart branded gaming PC known as “OverPowered.” The OP gamer was moderately substantial with a GTX 1070 and a non-K i7–8700 with 16GB DDR4–2400. List Price:$1400

On paper these PCs look impressive but one quick glance under the hood shows every possible corner being cut.

  1. The Gigabyte H310M motherboard cheaper than the cheapest possible consumer motherboard you can buy (no M.2, VGA only)
  2. Single 16GB DDR4-DIMM module severely impairs game bandwidth
  3. Ultra-cheap CPU cooler with adequate but marginal cooling capacity.
  4. Glass-front case with extremely poor ventilation.
  5. Weak SSD performance with equally low-grade hard drive.

All of those things do not necessarily make for a terrible product—if it were $1000, but the component grouping does not reflect the price-point of $1400.

You could build a better PC yourself for about $400 less.

  1. Gigabyte H310MA motherboard (w/M.2) $ 58
  2. Intel i78700 processor $310
  3. Raijintek RHEA 92mm CPU cooler $ 13
  4. HP EX900 256GB NVMe 3.0×4 M.2 SSD $ 47
  5. 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR42666 (2x8GB) $ 99
  6. 2TB WD 7200rpm HDD 64MB cache $ 49
  7. Gigabyte GTX 1070 WindForce OC $335
  8. CoolerMaster MB511RGB case $ 66
  9. EVGA 450BT allblack power supply unit $ 30
  10. ——————————————–
  11. TOTAL SYSTEM COST $ 1007

This build landed almost exactly at $1000 without Windows installed. With dual-channel 2666MT/s RAM, NVMe SSD, and a much better case for airflow, this would be a far superior build to to the Walmart model for about $400 less.

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