By, Anton Dao

If you want to game decently, I would recommend using DDR4 RAM or upgrading to it ASAP.

The higher the megahertz, the better. A 3600 mhz stick of RAM will of course do better than a 2000mhz stick.

Unless you’re using a server OS and have money to burn, you should have at the most 128GB (max for Windows 10).

Now, you could go 64GB if you want, but that is still server/workstation territory and would be complete overkill.

32GB is where most of the hardcore gamers stop at. It’s usually enough to fill up all of your RAM slots (4 sticks of 8GB or 2 sticks of 16GB) making for a nice appearance as well as having a practical purpose of providing better performance. The ideal gaming PC of most have 32GB in them. Kits should go for between $200 and $450.

16GB is a nice “bang for your buck” place to stop at. It is definitely smack dab in gaming territory and will provide a nice experience. A 16GB kit should be expected to be between $100 and $200.

8GB is the BARE MINIMUM. Most AAA games require at the very least 8GB to run well.

For older and less performance-intensive games, 4GB will probably perform decently. I actually had 4GB of RAM for a while and could run games like Minecraft, CSGO, and League of Legends at decent FPSs.

2GB will be almost impossible to play any games on. For example, I once benched Minecraft on 2 gigs and got about 30 frames with Optifine.

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