Subscriptions and microtransactions.

many companies are trolled for these but this is the future of gaming.

companies makes games with huge budgets and to earn profits they used to sell their games at high prices.

but the no. of games in recent years are increasing at a rapid rate.

hence companies sell their games for low prices and then charge player for buying anything in game and for achievements or so.

in 2019 this is going to be a major thing in this industry where gamers have to pay for everything they need in the games as the competition is increasing.

It’s already happening for AAA publishers, see Origin Access Premier.

prices for games are actually too low, pushing publishers towards shitty f2p, dlc and games as a service policies.

Prices might not be rising but when you’re selling hundreds of thousands of copies it’s ok.

it’s going in the same directions it always has: striving to bring more and more people into the hobby.

to earn millions and billions by charging them .

They could raise the base price to $80 and I would still pay but… micro-transactions will make me do otherwise.

pay 50$ then go head and buy everything for 5$ each.

there are 100’s of things to buy in a game and i pay for everything hence companies make a lot out of these microtransactions.

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