How to be respected in the gaming community in 2019?
How to be respected in the gaming community in 2019?

It depends on what part of the community you are in. If you are in a competitive community, you should be careful about stating the strengths of characters/tactics/weapons et cetera because something that seems strong to a casual will likely be totally bad when you fully understand how things work.

If you are talking about general gaming community, just having experience with old games and new should be able to give you a good amount of respect. Or just talking about a particular game and becoming knowledgeable about that game will allow you to gain at least basic respect.

But if you are in a big community or a community for a popular game and/or dealing with members that are really picky, sensitive or biased, you might not have a chance to make a good impression and you would be better off leaving and forgetting about that particular community.

If possible, streaming on Twitch or making YouTube videos surrounding a game can make you more respectable, although you may not get a direct response to it for a while.

Respect/Reputation takes a while to earn.

And seconds to lose.

Starting with asking this question here doesn’t exactly help your cause if your goal is genuine.

There is no “Homogeneous Community of gamers.”

I and many like myself will say a Casual Player isn’t a Gamer. Others will say you play a game, you’re a gamer.

Ways to earn respect:

Showing great knowledge of games and the history of them.

Showing great skill in a game.

Maybe running a twitch stream about a game you’re really into and showing your knowledge and or skill.

This is applicable to any Hobby or Field of Work.

Things you can do to quickly lose reputation/respect.

Make fun of something important to the group.

Ask simple questions while pretending to be knowledgeable.

(For instance, a Console gamer, pretending that a PC cannot use a controller when there are way more controllers for a PC then exist on a console.

or making fun of someones preferred character, now saying a strategy that was good before got changed shows knowledge, making fun of someone for using a changed strategy before everyone else knows it’s changed can give mixed respect/loss of respect. )

Hopefully, that helped somewhat.

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