Is it worth buying GeForce RTX 20 series graphic cards yet?
Is it worth buying GeForce RTX 20 series graphic cards yet?
Is it worth buying GeForce RTX 20 series graphic cards yet?
Is it worth buying GeForce RTX 20 series graphic cards yet?

To be frank.

If you are someone using a High refresh rate monitor that is using a resolution above the traditiona 1920x1080p.

Then yes it is worth getting a RTX card. the rtx 2070,2080 and 2080ti are all native 4K gaming gpu’s. you can also use a 1080ti or Vega 64 for really enjoy a nice wide screen or 1440p monitor at a decent 60fps, but the 1080ti is out of production and inside north america is noticeably more expensive then a 2080.

and the Vega 64 is a strong card, and decently priced, was selling for 399 for over a month. so thats a good option as well for 1440p.

for 4K you got to go with a 1080ti,2080 or 2080ti. but only the 2080ti is going to handle 60fps 4K gaming without compromising graphics settings frequently like the other two options.

inside the u.s. it’s to the point in the market where a 1080ti is only 50$ less then a low end 2080ti… the 1080ti’s went up 100$ since the last time i looked. and thats for a 1080ti that is for a new un used card. from HP, who has taken up selling gpu’s from unsold HP omen gaming desktops.

It’s just not feasible going with a 1080ti anymore seeing as the competition is either 50$ more, or 350$ less. the 2080 ti and 2080 make actual sense.

However if you are looking to upgrade from a 1080ti, unless you are trying 4K gaming out, there’s no reason to go with RTx yet, and if you do, the 2080ti is your only option.

Also, if you are playing in 1080p, you wont get any major benefit from upgrading to a RTX card unless you where running something weaker then a Vega 65 or 1070.

those looking to upgrade from 900 series gpu’s, and 1050/1050ti 1060 3gb or 1060 6gb gpu’s. if you want a high refresh rate monitor and the 1080ti was in your sights before, the 2080 is your target now, otherwise you’re wasting 250–350 usd on a card that isn’t even made anymore..

Of course outside of the U.S. the prices are different, 1080ti’s are still expensive out the Ass, but the rtx cards are more expensive due to supply problems outside the US market. if you can order em from the US market, go for it. and if you can get a legitimate deal out of Taiwan even better really just be careful there.

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