Is the Logitech G602 mouse still worth buying in 2019?
Is the Logitech G602 mouse still worth buying in 2019?

Even now three years after release, the G602 is a solid product!

Even though it has some questionable design choices like the uncomfortably straight thumb rest, nice but non-rubberized side grippers, and the pointless protrusion of the right mouse button, it does many things right. The scroll wheel is smooth as silk, which takes a bit of getting used to when you have been using inferior quality mice. Actuation pressure is also disarmingly light at first, but you do get to love it. The five steps of DPI precision are set in the most convenient and logical way of any mouse on the market.

If you love a heavy mouse for a large hand the G602 is ideal. If you like to lighten it up a bit or alter the balance, the G602 can run with either of its two batteries removed. The top surface of the mouse is also slightly skewed to a right-camber, making it more ergonomic than about 99% of the mice on the market.

Was it ever worth $60? I don’t think so. Is it worth $36? I am pretty sure that many people will be very happy at its price to have this as their “daily driver” for the next several years. I’m thinking seriously about taking a dremel tool to mine and adding some grippy foam sides to it.

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