some cool quirks and features of the Raspberry Pi
some cool quirks and features of the Raspberry Pi
some cool quirks and features of the Raspberry Pi
some cool quirks and features of the Raspberry Pi

It’s cheap, really cheap. If you’re looking for a computer to send up to space on a balloon, then a Raspberry Pi is probably your cheapest component. It really doesn’t matter if it ends up in the sea. A few years ago the cheapest single board computer with the same capabilities was £100. Now it’s £5.

It isn’t a CPU with a GPU; it’s a GPU with a CPU. The graphics processor is what first boots up. It is responsible for configuring the hardware. Then it feeds the CPU a boot program and kicks it awake. That’s not a useful fact (unless you need to program the bare metal) but it’s very cool.

You cannot destroy it by typing anything on the keyboard. (You can by connecting other hardware to it, but you are not going to do that by accident and you run the same risk with any device.) If you hopelessly corrupt everything then you just take the SD card out and write a fresh install using your laptop, You’ll lose all your work, but that was backed-up, right? There’s no need to take it to the Geek Squad or buy your strange mate a beer. It costs nothing.

The SD card is the personality of the Raspberry Pi. If you swap SD cards then it’s the same as swapping computers. You can have one Raspberry Pi that serves as part of several different projects simply by having multiple SD cards. Similarly if a Raspberry Pi fails in service you can simply swap it out for a new one, plug in the SD card and everything will continue to work as if nothing had happened.


  • It has 4 core processor which is good enough to play video at 1080 resolution
  • It is a small form factor
  • It has very versatile IO functionality built in
  • It can run many OSes and programming languages
  • It is ideal for children to learn computing and programming
  • It can be run from batteries for short periods
  • It can be used to make many projects including robots
  • It is very cheap, so much so that I have two now.
  • It is extremely well supported, more than any other SBC
  • It is a versatile development platform that grows as you learn
  • There are many add-one ‘hats’ pcb to plug on top of it
  • It has it’s own dedicated magazine
  • Raspberry Pi — Teach, Learn, and Make with Raspberry Pi

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