What type of gamer do other gamers dislike?
What type of gamer do other gamers dislike?

What type of gamer do other gamers dislike?

I am a hater of arrogance.

In several games, I’ve had people treat me like an idiot for using unconventional characters. News flash sunshine: it’s not who you use, it’s the player behind it. Hence why I’m beating Jean grey in marvel future fight with squirrel girl and you’re not.

I also hate those who believe in the “no true Scotsman” fallacy, by deliberately saying that “if you play x, you’re not a gamer”. Bollocks to that nonsense, a gamer by definition, plays games. That’s it. There’s no exclusive club to be had, nor any form of tabboo.

Finally (and I may get flak for this), I hate those who bash gamergater for being part of gamergate. Much like feminists, there’s two sides to the coin. There’s the derisive, sexist wankstains everybody thinks completely populate gamergate, and then there’s those who, in response to an attack on the feminist game devs The Fine Young Capitalists, banded together to help fund a charity/video design contest for women, with the only thing gamergate receiving being the now infamous gamer girl/gate mascot, Vivian James.

All this, is signs of arrogance. I hate arrogant gamers who think the sun shines from their arse to bless the rest of the world with devine light. I will not stand for it and shall call em out where ever they are.

And because I can’t finish this answer on such a touchy subject as gamer gate, here is a controller eating contest:

Have fun gaming.

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