1. Okay, lets say someone brand new to gaming just bought their nintendo switch, and they want to buy a few games in a few different genres.

Open World/Exploration (RPG):

1.) The legend of zelda, breath of the wild. This is a classic RPG game that takes place in the zelda world. The game requires no knowledge of any other zelda games before you play it, so its a perfect open world RPG for a new gamer. The combat system is fun and easy to play, and it is full of side quests!

2.) Super Mario Oddysey. This game is packed full of fun platforming levels and even boss fights! Its a great game for someone looking to learn the switch controls better as the game will give you tips on movement throughout the game. Its a very easy game, but it also comes with an assist mode feature that allows any person to complete the game.


1.) Shovel Knight. This game is very fun to play and is a very retro platformer. You play as a knight wielding a shovel trying to save the world from some evil monsters. Your main attack comes from a shovel as the name implies. Overall its a fun and challenging experiende.

Party Games

1.) Mario Kart Deluxe. This is your standard mario kart game filled with tons of remastered levels from all of the games. Its a great game to play with friends or even by yourself.

2.) Super Mario Party. This is a wonderful party game where you play tons of action packed minigames while progressing around a board by rrolling a dice. The games are very simple, and let a player practice before starting the real minigame.

Other/personal favorites:

1.) Pokemon Lets Go! A pokemon game is always a fun experience. Any new gamer would easily enjoy going around capturing new pokemon and slowly getting stronger as they progress.

2.) Rocket League. This is a hard game to get good at, but its pretty fun. You try to score a ball into a goal while driving a car. (Pretty bad description, but its a fun game trust me.)

It really depends what type of game the person is interested in. There is dozens of classics on the switch, its all about finding what you like.

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