That’s What I’m writing on right now.

It’s a fantastic value for money.

144hz display with thin bezels, RGB keyboard and logo and acents, that are all adjustable. Full size GTX 1070, Easily upgradable components, such as a M.2 and a Hard drive and ram.


4 hour battery life, but If you use low power mode for the on a full charge, you can get upwards of 6 hours.

Full aluminum build quality, Feels solid and no flex aside from a tiny bit on the display.

Fantastic thermals if you don’t mind the fan noise.

6 core 8th gen cpu.

99% SRGB screen

Tons of IO including a SD card reader and a Ethernet port.

Very good speakers, Better than Macbook pro speakers in my opinion and louder too. (there are 3 speakers total)

I easily hit 150 FPS on DOOM 4 max settings, and the Thermals never reach above 75c.

The CPU is Overkill for most CPU bound games, Minecraft runs amazingly smooth, and Cosmoteer has never felt smoother. Even modded Terraria/Skyrim Doesn’t lag.

Downsides: Big chin with a bottom webcam. The Power brick is Quite large. Because of it’s power, it’s a bit heavy, but not too bad. With the power brick its 7.5 pounds i think. Palm Rejection is turned on by default, and I still can’t find a way to turn it off. → Gaming without a mouse is a nightmare. There is no Intel HD onboard, which means the laptop always uses the 1070 for everything → Watching videos will sometimes make the fans turn on. (However they are very quiet on idle/silent mode)

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, Consider the Zephyrus M with a GTX 1080, or If you don’t care about weight, look into the Helios 500 with the AMD 2700 CPU option.

Conclusion: Fantastic for the money, but you should buy a mouse. Don’t expect great battery life with a gaming laptop. If you have more money Consider something with more processing power. If you need to spend less money, buy a Max-Q 1070 laptop.



To give you another possible route you may want to consider. If I had that money and needed those specs on a laptop, I would get a Dell XPS 13 9370 (if you care about portability as it weighs 2.5lbs) or Dell XPS 9570 (weighs 4.4lbs) (they botve have dGPU support though thunderbolt 3 ) and buy an eGPU separately. These laptops looks really nice and wont be as thick and bulky as a laptop with a 1070 and good thermals will be.

You should be able to find a top model of the XPS 13 on dell’s website for less than 1600 (sometimes a lot less). You’ll want to find a model that has the i7 8550u, 1080p screen, and 16gb of ram. I wouldn’t worry about the ssd capacity because you can always buy a 512gb or 1tb m.2 SSD for $100–200 and a ssd transfer device (around $30) to transfer files on the original ssd the laptop comes with to the new one you want to buy.

Link: XPS 13 Laptop with groundbreaking materials and epic battery life($1570)


If you don’t really care about portability and want a cheaper price, you should get the XPS 15 for around $1400 or even less. The model you will want to look for is the one with the i7 8750H, 1050ti, 16gb ram, and the 97 watt hour battery and the 1080p screen. Again ssd capacity doesn’t really matter at the moment. FYI: the dell XPS 15 is much better for gaming especially with an eGPU

Link: XPS 15 Inch 9570 High Performance 4K Laptop with InfinityEdge ($1330)

After you finish deciding between those two choices, you’ll need to buy the eGPU. the one i recommend if you are set for the 1070 is this: Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box GTX 1070 Graphic Card GV-N1070IXEB-8GD eGPU: Computers & Accessories

This option doesn’t really allow for future upgrades (at least i dont think) but its a quite cheap enclosure and gpu combo at 500. If you want future upgradability, opt for some enclosure and make sure you look at reviews and buy a gpu that you KNOW fits inside it.

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