What is the biggest no-no when buying a new gaming PC?
What is the biggest no-no when buying a new gaming PC?

To me, it’s someone trying to buy a “Gaming Laptop”. If you don’t need(not want) the portability.

Laptops are going for portability and power reduction, size reduction. Gaming can require the most powerful hardware with active cooling they’re basically opposites. (Exceptions: E-sports, and Many MMO’s, if you can play it on a Cellphone a laptop can easily do it too.)

Next, is people buying way too much CPU vs their GPU?

i7/Ryzen 7 with a GTX 1050…this is way CPU heavy, that GPU is Entry-Level 2+ years old.

People with a budget for $500 saying they want to play on 4k screen. The GPU to properly power that for gaming costs about ~$800 (GTX 1080 Ti), and you don’t want some low-end i5 running that either. The i5–8600k would be fine not the 8400 you get the idea.

preferred for running “edge hardware” like 4k is i7/ryzen 7, etc.

1080P 240Hz, 2k 144Hz similar to 4k 60Hz – Minimum GTX 1080, Vega 56.

2k 60–75Hz, 1080P 144Hz: GTX 1070–1080Ti, RX580-Vega 64

Buying stuff without doing the “Research.”

Hope that helps!

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