Specifically, the Thunderbolt interface.

I think this will just about replace every darn wire that connects to the back of your PC except for the main power. If the interface gets more advanced by 10 years, who knows? We might just be plugging in 1 thunderbolt port in the back and viola! cabling is done! Even a toddler can’t mess that up. (The same could happen for the internals, but I’m skeptical about replacing a 24-pin motherboard power cable with a thunderbolt port. It feels just weird, is all I’m saying.)

Everything is moving to USB Type-C (the same port used by thunderbolt) on phones, laptops, and tablets as well, and this will allow seamless transfer of data at mind-blowing speeds that will make USB 3.0 seem like a tortoise.

The only challenge in the way, however, is compatibility. The only thing that will hinder the ideal future that uses one cable for everything. Once all manufacturers get that sorted out, it’s smooth sailing from there. That’s a HUGE challenge, but it’s not impossible.

And if we’re going further beyond, look no further than Quantum Computers. Oh no! A bunch of nerds are going to attack me with facts and logic, now that I’ve mentioned Quantum Computing being the norm in PCs! 😛

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