Gaming Industry in India is very rare.. So rare that I don’t have ever heard of  any gaming industry in India or indian gaming companies.

If you’re a PC gamer (like I am), you get to buy games on Steam sales (currently ongoing) and all you have to do is to invest once every 5–6 years in creating a good gaming rig (and just upgrade different parts every 4–5 years, if you want to).

If you’re a console gamer in India.. why are you a console gamer in India? The money they charge for games, I can buy the same game and 10 more on Steam sales.

Also, consoles are becoming PC’s these days (Microsoft just released mouse and keyboard for Xbox). Why buy old console hardware that becomes obsolete in less than 6 months?

The simply reason is the cost of the games are usually converted from Dollars to Indian rupees. The actually cost may be around 10 dollars are so but in Indian rupees it is around 750 rupees so see the comparison here plus the tax are high in Entertainment industry (30% to 45%).The native game designing companies have devised a different strategy such as advertisement.Purchase of equipment in the game and so many.When they add up these purchases the cost of the game purchased is matched.

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