It is very much possible. I became Conqueror in Duo Asia Server FPP in one week. I started from Silver II in Duos and went up to rank 45 in Asia server with 9.18 K/D and 43% win ratio. You will need 8/9 chickens everyday and win most of your matches and never ever ever get killed early in a match.

Not only this, I also reached rank 9 in Duo wins in Asia server in Season 3 and stayed in the Top 10 for 3 months of season 3.

Now I will tell you some tricks that will boost you to Conqueror tier in one week or less:

  1. Find your style of play – Solo, Duo and Squads.
    1. SOLO: My clan, IPF, members contained two Solo Conquerors. They like to play alone. They are vigilant. They are less prone to headshot. They always have cover.
    2. DUO: I think playing duo requires a good coordination with your fellow partner. Because a good player can kill both players with a Groza or M249 in close ranges and you, alone, can also kill both players of enemies team.
    3. SQUAD: One and only one thing, choose your squad partners really carefully. Many players are negative in nature. They will make bad decisions and whole team will be sent to lobby.
  2. Play safe, find cover, find good armor and helmet then only take a fight.
    1. Conquerors are strategic players rather than pure brute force.
    2. Many conquerors get their kills in the penultimate circle. As they have secured the net positive score in their game, it makes them more eager to play aggressively.
    3. Get into Top 10 in more than 95% of matches. Increase your average survival time in matches.
  3. Survival is more important than number of kills.
    1. Ratings are based on 80% survival and 20% kills.
    2. The overall rating depends on the quality of lobby you have faced.
  4. Don’t play Sanhok if you want to become Conqueror. Play Miramar, Evangel or Vivendi.
    1. Average survival time is less on Sanhok. A chicken dinner match lasts maximum for 19 minutes. You won’t get that much points as you get in Erangel or Miramar.
    2. I preferred Miramar over other because it has more percentage of landmass and more loot spawns than Erangel or Vikendi.
    3. You will have to play six/seven games daily to achieve conqueror in one week.

Endline: play strategically, get aggressive in the last and enjoy the game. Survive longer, win matches. Don’t take the game too seriously. Enjoy!

People asking about my current Player ID; this is my plane flying over Miramar somewhere in Season 3.

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