Video game love is something, though I can never understand.

I don’t think it would be easier to make him uninstall the game, but what you can do is to control his time limit (this is what I do with my younger brother).

Or one more thing you can do is to offer him something exciting like-you can play badminton or basketball or whatever with him(ahh! on daily basis), if he agreed to uninstall.

Personally I don’t think there is something wrong to play games, if he plays it under control.

What needed is to teach him self control (but it’s damn difficult).

When I asked my brother regarding this question, he really gave me a wild idea. He said, “ Why not change the password of mail id and disconnect it from PUBG and then uninstall it. As a result the game would start again with level 1 and he would not play it again because its irritating to play from starting stage”. Haha but I don’t recommend this. This is his opinion for stopping him to play particular game (pubg) but this may not work.

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