Bots are nothing but AI powered players with very common properties . I’m listing the most important ones :

  1. They’ll use ARs and SMGs in single fire mode.
  2. Just because of the upper property, you can stand in front of them, reload your DP-28, have an energy drink followed by a painkiller and even then you can stab a bot barehanded! XD XD
  3. 80% chances are there that looting a bot will satisfy your hunger of loot.
  4. They’ll never¬†going to kill you.¬†But if you messed badly at that point , you’ll be ashamed of your gaming style. XD
  5. They’ll never hide around some bushes or trees.
  6. They’ll lie down on the ground if they can’t figure out who’s firing them.
  7. They can’t fire you from a long range.
  8. They’ll never put on ghillie suit.
  9. They’ll never use throwables like grenades.
  10. Some bots have a horse or other animal mask.


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