Assuming that 10 is the best, which ofcourse is clearly, silly me XD

  1. Melee Weapons (points-0) I know I know…the scale is 1 to 10. But, rarely have I used these to actually kill someone. Unless, in arcade mode.
  2. Win94 (points – 1) It just doesn’t live up to what it is capable of. Sniper without scope, you kidding! I like the lever action though.
  3. Crossbow (points-2) While its speed and range is shitty. It’s still silent sniper. I often use this in early games.
  4. Pistols( points – 3) Some of these like P18c and R45 are good others are something that I throw away as soon as I find SMGs and ARs.
  5. Thompson (points – 3) Big mag but no scope and worst iron sites.
  6. Uzi(points-4) Small but insanely fast. As the tip reads, deals with a lot of damage in close range.
  7. Vector(points-4) It’s like an improved version of uzi, small and fast but with lots of attachments.
  8. M16A4 (points – 3) A burst mode only gun. It has single fire too. But it just makes a lot of noise and doesn’t quite do equivalent damage.
  9. UMP9 (points-4) It behaves like a nerfed AR. Scope, attachments, damage etc make it a cool gun.
  10. Scar (points – 5) Funny thing is, it actually feels light in the game therfore L in the name. A baby Aug.
  11. AKM(points – 6) Great damage, greater recoil. Sonorous though.
  12. Beryl(points – 7) It definitely deserves 1 more point than AKM. A perfect 7.62 AR.
  13. M416 (points – 8) Stability, sound, power and attachments. It’s the most versatile AR in the game. It even goes with 6x.
  14. Aug(points – 8) I don’t know why people compare this with groza when its real competitor is M416. An all rounder.
  15. DP-28(points – 5) I like this gun, only stable 7.62 weapon. Quite unique too. But the reload sucks. It’s LMG after all!
  16. M249 (points – 7) Thank God it’s a crate weapon.
  17. Kar98k (points-8) Coolest sniper in the game. Quite common too. It’s an emotion!
  18. M24(points – 8) Similar to Kar, only slightly powerful. Suppressed sound is something to die for 😛
  19. VSS(points – 3) It’s pre equipped with a suppressor and 4x. The bullet drop is just not tolerable.
  20. Groza (points – 9) It comes with a vertical fore grip. And is the deadliest weapon. Literally God, no automatic weapon comes even close. Only AUG, is something that I would prefer over this.
  21. Mk14(points – 10) It’s DMR-CUM-AR. The full Auto mode makes it stand out and the damage is quite like a bolt action sniper. One of my favorites!
  22. Mini14(points – 6) It’s cool but the damage is lowest in DMRs so is actually a single shot AR.
  23. SKS(points-6) A fully equipped SKS is lot different than a non equipped one. So I pick it only if I have all the attachments.
  24. SLR(points – 7) While it’s almost like the SKS, it still is better than it. It doesn’t take much attachments but is stable for its power. Uses 7.62!
  25. AWM(points – 10) It’s too unique to be a random weapon. One shot one kill. No weapon can defeat this in long range. Most powerful weapon in the game.

Phew, a long list!

Bonus : I know I have already written about Melee weapons. But, to me this is the most powerful weapon 11/10 points. Rank 4 armor…

.. XD


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