There are many facts before understanding that .

Firstly when you are playing on pubg mobile on your mobile set then you can go for Dp-28 as it is very stable as compared to others also it have a high damage 7.62 ammo and also have a large magazine of 47 which makes it more compatible weapon .Also when you crouch in the last circles it comes with a stand making it easy to aim and fire .

But on same hand when you play on emulator then you can go with other weapons as M416 with all its attachments.Because it is lot easier to aim and fire and to control the spray in emulator.

I cannot say it is the best but there are few good points why you should prefer it :

  1. Minimum recoil than AKM
  2. Whooping 47 bullets in a single mag
  3. Can be used even with 4x scope for heavy firing
  4. When prone, the weapon becomes more stable , thereby increasing the accurac
  5. Ideal for taking out a vechile

The only drawback in DP 28 is itsĀ reloading time and poor iron sight

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