You see Shroud, ChocoTaco and the winner of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge using it. Coffin, Panda, BiuBiuu, RRQ team, they all love it for the same reasons.

It is more stable than Scar L with all the attachments – vertical grip, quickdraw extended, tactical stock and a compensator. Some people prefer thumb grip on it, which is also quite beneficial if you are pro at controlling its recoil. It reduces scoping time to almost half.

It is a non crate weapon. Hence it is more available than her bigger brother – Aug A3.

It uses 5.56mm bullets, which are available in plenty.

This gun is a beast when used with 6x, toned down to 3x. It is that gun that if you practice enough, you can shoot with a 6x and with no recoil. I do that. Many pros do that.

It has the best iron sights in the game hands down followed by AKM.

People can make arguments about AKM or Beryl M762, DP-28 being the best because of its high damage (7.62 mm bullets) if you can control the recoil. Dp has less recoil than AKM due to its disk like magazine which makes the gun quite stable. I respect these guns.

If the opponent has an AKM in hand in a close range, I will think twice before going head on with it. AKM is God level in close ranges.

I also have immense respect for Vector and UMP9. These guns are God in good hands.

But if you talk about the most versatile weapon that can go up against any gun in the game, I would choose M416.

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