VIT banned PUBG in their hostel. Do you agree with the ban?
VIT banned PUBG in their hostel. Do you agree with the ban?
VIT banned PUBG in their hostel. Do you agree with the ban?
VIT banned PUBG in their hostel. Do you agree with the ban?

A medical student commented,

I think I’m well qualified to answer this question.

So all those PUBG addict Bros hear me out . Cause I am one of you. First let me tell you who I am. I have an iPad pro and have an Ace tier during the last season. 8 is my kill – death ratio. I have been playing the game since the first beta launch on my OnePlus 3t. Plus I have completed a 1000matches including the arcade matches. So I’m qualified and I’m on Discord.

I’m a medical student and a hoteler and I’ll tell you how PUBG has impacted my life .

First few matches I didn’t get the grip of it nor did my friends know about the game so it was peaceful at first . After the game launched it was sensation everyone got the game via shareit and we started matching together.

I started playing because the hostel was loud because of the students playing football in the hostel which sucked . But later everyone switched to PUBG . We would play for hours together . Me and my friends have a synergy of above 1200. I used to study prior pung even when it was loud . But after PUBG I used to make up an excuse that I play PUBG because it is Loud. I did my internals 1 bad because of clash Royal and I quit the game but I did the second and third bad because of PUBG.

Now coming to the point . While playing football only striking the ball made sound. But while playing PUBG we sat in the corridors as squads participating in room and room matches having fun that we made a lot of noise . I had become the same guy I hated hated . Very few people play PUBG without making noise . It does distrupts the environment of the hostel especially where students do study . It’s even difficult to sleep.

Now I have been PUBG sober for the past 2months .

So the point I am making is that playing PUBG in the hostel is not appropriate especially when there are students studying as it does make a lot of noise . Plus most guys who play are addicted and it’s very difficult to stop playing unless you give up your device like I did.

But . But . It’s really stupid to ban any video game . It’s really really stupid . Because I’m sure mini militia caused the same problem before . Games are never permanent. These are trend based . Who knows . Call of duty multiplayer is coming to mobile very soon who knows what rucus it’s going to cause . Fortnite might become more popular in mobile the future what then .

They can issue a circular to not make noise to use headphones or not to shout in the corridors because if I u do shout inside a room no one cares . But this is plain stupid. Share this .

Be wise . Think about it guys.

An Ex-VITian also commented,

Ex VITian here. VIT has always been enforcing new rules and regulations every year and this year it seems like it’s Pubg’s turn. Although there is ban against the game VIT doesn’t have surveillance system nor does the hostel authority keep checking what you are doing on your mobile phone as they only come to your rooms at night time for attendance.

If noise and disturbance is an issue, then the gamer can buy headphones or earphones with mic and play. It’s more convenient for the gamer as well as his roommates.

VIT throws in new rules everytime a issue arises. For example, back then only the hostel warden used to sign leave slips(giving reason as going to hometown) for students during holidays and many students travelled to pondicherry or Goa without informing the warden. Unfortunately, one time a student passed away in that trip playing on the beach in pondicherry. After that VIT became strict in giving leave to students. Now you need proctors permission, parents permission etc.

So as the example above, VIT takes steps to make sure no one goes down the wrong road. So just take it lightly and move on.

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