In PUBG There are three shotguns.The S1987, The S686 and The S12K

The S1987

This shotgun is liked by quite a few players. It has a five bullet magazine.Like all other shotguns it is really good in close range.

The S686

This is The double barrel shotgun. An obvious con is that it can hold only two bullets and while using it you will have to reload a lot . But it makes up by being effective at medium range.

The S12K

This is the only shotgun that you can put a scope on, to balance this it does less damage than the S1987 or the S686. But it can take a very useful AR attachment The extended mag. It’s kind of like a rifle. It just might be the best shotgun.

P.S my favourite is the S1987.

See you in Pochinki.

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