We’ve got

  • UZI (9mm)
  • UMP9 (9mm)
  • Thomson SMG (0.45 ACP)
  • Vector (0.45 ACP)

All of these have appreciable firing speed. But what I’ve experienced so far, is that UZI and Vector have even better firing speed. The trrrrrrrrrickchh sound of UZI can fear anyone hiding around.

Players often use it for short range (and it does really well too). But as soon as they spot UMP9, they get it replaced. Biggest reason – you can use sights and scopes, unlike UZI. When equipped with suppressor, it becomes even more lethal.

However , Ump9 has more recoil than any other SMG. That is , if you wish to fire continuously with a 3x scope from a large distance, it’ll be pretty difficult. Many of my friends including me experienced this.

Thomson SMG is somewhere between UMP9 and UZI. Having equipped with extended quickdraw magazine,, it’s capacity can be enhanced to a great extent. It has considerable firing speed but doesn’t support any sights.

So we’ve got an underrated beast – Vector . The biggest advantage is that it’s very stable. It supports scope (I usually use 4x). Can stab someone secretly from 250 metres away. It’s real sound is already calmed and when equipped with suppressor, it becomes even more lethal.

Only disadvantage is about capacity. Even after extended quickdraw magazine, it can hold only 25 bullets to max. So you have to keep an eye on reload button and one should have adequate supplies too.


Sometimes, availability of 9mm ammo is much greater than 0.45 ACP . In such case , using a 9mm SMG is a better choice. Else, Vector is the best.

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