This interpretation is solely based on my experience and understanding after playing pubg for a long time. Although, It is misleading to say that Pubg is a game of wasting time because you can still learn some derivative aspect of it which I mention in my following answer…

  1. War zone‘ is a myth. Life never gives a second chance. Once you die, you will die and never come back. (War mode in Arcade)
  2. Never ever Undermine your Enemies. You have no idea who can defeat you at any point of time.
  3. Pubg has taught us that if we have more and powerful resources than there is more chance of longer survival. (Survival of the fittest)
  4. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are or what Resources you have in the life. At some point in time, You may need someone who can only bring you back from at the verge of collapse. Never lose relationsespecially family under the influence of ego. ( When you knockout, then only your teammates will save you
  5. It doesn’t matter how powerful your Team is. If ‘Individually’ you are not powerful enough to save yourself, you will be defeated any time soon. Great empire had been collapsed because they didn’t get powerful individuals.
  6. You don’t know whose shot will kill you. Always cautious to your Surroundings.
  7. In the Game of thrones, either you win or die. There is no concept of middle path. If you leave your enemy unharmed, then sooner or later it will bit you definitely. So never lose a chance to do so when you have.
  8. Life is Sometimes Classic or sometimes Arcade. You should be prepared for every situation. It meant sometimes it runs like an arcade. Many events happen in a short period of time that you rarely get enough breathe to ponder over it.
  9. Life is all about calculated risk. Being stay inside a shelter would save you from enemies but at the end, you have to come out from your comfort zone.
  10. Overwhelmed emotions would be the cause of your defeat. Be rational in every situation in the life. It doesn’t mean to be rock heart but never let lose yourself under the influence of overwhelmed emotions. (When you run to save your friend or teammate during knockout while your enemy being prepared to kill you)

The End

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