There is no doubt that PUBG has become the most played game in a very short time. Why? It’s simple. A new ADDICTION in the name of PUBG has just entered the market. Whenever I get out of my house, I always see a healthy number of people playing PUBG, just shouting “ Abe dekh wo raha banda, mar use” (See, someone is there , kill him). And it is normal for teenagers to get addicted to this sort of games very easily. Not only teenagers but also many adults are addicted to PUBG and sadly even children, but teenagers are more affected by the addiction.

One more reason is that you can play it with your friends(“Oh that’s AWESOME”). If one person from a group of friends start playing PUBG, he will ask his friends to install it and they will play together. This thing went on and now you have the results- PUBG has become the most trending game. And yes, the cheap Internet charges have encouraged it more.

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