Real Mortal Kombat : Video Game Flaws

For all you Mortal Kombat fans out there, we bring you the second installment of Video Game Flaws! Mortal Kombat is one of the best video games of all time, but it does have its flaws and exploits. Anyone who has ever played the older Mortal Kombat games can probably relate to some of the cheap, and unfair gameplay that we demonstrate in this parody. Watch as we demonstrate some of the most common, and most annoying exploits within the original games. Have fun! Video Game Flaws: Resident Evil Spoof: Music from: And US DBZ composer Bruce Faulconer Thanks to RagdollKirstie for her “Toasty” in this video! Check her out here: Stay connected with us at the links below! Vlog and Bloopers Channel: Site and Forum: Twitter: Myspace: Facebook: T-Shirts: Tags: mortal kombat parody combat spoof video game flaws bizarrelyfunny funny joke kano sub zero scorpion mk ermac stryker liu kang toastie finish him glitch fatality fatalities nintendo snes genesis n64 bicycle kick spear la caida de edgar movie cheap moves real life park fight trilogy midway 1 2 3 4 comedy skit sketch scene playstation 2010 deadly alliance deception armageddon dc universe mame arcade comedy freeze bicycle kick fireball cannonball telekinesis spear combo remake devastation annihilation reality irl smoke rain johnny cage bizarrelyfunny

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