Redbana – Audition Video Extravaganza!

Ladies and Gentleman… Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves creating a viral video commercial for RedBana. You may use music, video clips, spiffy effects, or whatever will help you accomplish this task. Please review the rules, follow the guidelines, and most of all, good luck and have fun. Deadline April 30, 2010 @ 11:59PM PST Prizes Grand Winner – Indefinite Cash Item of Winner’s Choice + 10k BanaCash 1st Place – 30k BanaCash 2nd Place – 20k BanaCash 3rd Place – 10k BanaCash Participation* – 2k BanaCash Rules & Guidelines -Follow the TOS -Please include your IGN somewhere in the video -Please fill out the form when entering your video(link provided at bottom) -Videos must be posted on YOUTUBE.COM -All video clips included in your entry must be created solely by you OR from RedBana Audition. Video clips from other Audition Servers will NOT be accepted. -Any music used in the video must be featured on RedBana. -Video entries may not exceed 3 minutes. -Video entries CANNOT include any distasteful names. (If you’re not sure whether or not the IGN is appropriate, ask) -Entries must be rated PG or G, if it can’t be viewed by children, IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. -Anything is subject to change Judging The Top 5 entries will be picked by the RedBana Staff and then will move on to be voted by YOU the community. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE AND HAVE SOME FUN!! Feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have about the contest or recording videos *The 2k BanaCash

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