Sony Removes Component Cable Support? No….

Yesterday many people were almost outraged when a rumor got out that the new PS3 systems would not be able to use Component HD cables for a video output requiring the use of HDMI. This would obviously be silly. Why would Sony prevent a HD cable on a HD system? Well, good news, this was only partly true as Sony clarified things today.

“The reports aren’t accurate,” said SCEA PR Manager Al De Leon. “The new CECH-3000 series PS3 requires HDMI only for BD movie output in HD, in compliance with AACS standards. PS3 continues to support component output for HD gaming and streaming content.”

So basically, because of new laws/standards, HDMI is required to play Blu-Ray content to prevent analog piracy of HD content. Its still kinda crazy that you can’t use a HD output like component to play a HD video but I guess its that important. At least you can still game in HD with component cables.

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