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Test Drive Unlimited 3 – What We Know About The Game At The Moment

Test Drive Unlimited 3- What We Know About The Game At The Moment
Good news for all the fans of Test drive Unlimited, the third series has been confirmed to be in development! Test Drive Unlimited was first released in 2006 and went on to become a game-changer, quite literally, in the arena […]

Good news for all the fans of Test drive Unlimited, the third series has been confirmed to be in development!

Test Drive Unlimited was first released in 2006 and went on to become a game-changer, quite literally, in the arena of car racing games. It inspired a monumental shift in car games not just in players, but in other companies as well. After TDU2 was released in 2011, in 2013, the game’s publisher, Atari went bankrupt, and fans of the game were left wondering if this was the end of the line for Test Drive Unlimited. But not anymore.

The third in the Test Drive Unlimited series has been titled Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (TDU3). Details regarding the world-famous racing game have been released in a video interview by the game’s new developer, KT Racing (Kylotton). Creative director, Alain Jarniou revealed in an official announcement that TDU3 will arrive soon. They’ve also given other details about the long-awaited game, which we have elaborated on below.

Test Drive Unlimited 3 Solar Crown Cover

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Cover (Fan Art by VX97 User from Reddit)

When is test drive unlimited 3 coming out

We are slightly disappointed that no official test drive unlimited 3 release date has been given in the video, although creative director Alain Jarniou mentions that the game has been in development for “several months”.

TDU Solar Crown may sound familiar to previous players as it was the name of the competition that took place in TDU2. As such, TDU3 has not differed much from the previous versions.

In a live stream, Jarniou added that the new series TDU3 has remained true to the heart and soul of the previous games. He said that the developers have worked to preserve the DNA of the original game, while simultaneously evolving the gameplay to make it more modern and relatable to the current trends in gaming. They have striven to ensure that the game is more fun for today’s players and rewarding for the fans of the game who have waited almost a decade for it.

Test Drive Unlimited 3 Location

The video featured several tidbits of background information by Jarniou, who said that the location for the game was inspired by a real-life place. TDU3’s environment is similar to that of the previous 2 games, in it being an island. In Test Drive Unlimited 1 and Test Drive Unlimited 2, we have seen locations like Oahu, Hawaii, and Ibiza, Spain- both of which contained a lot of ground to explore, which was extremely exciting for players. An impressive note is that TDU2 came out almost 10 years ago, and yet the graphics of the previous game gave racers great room to race upon, which was a high standard compared to the racing games of the time.

The game has stuck true to its concept with no restrictions on how to play, says Jarniou, adding that players do not have to follow a strict path to reach the finals. They have the freedom to do things and progress through the game in whatever way they liked. Solar Crown, previous players will know, was not a closed championship either. Players had the freedom to do the challenges in their own way, and thus TDU3 is also based on the same precept.

Test Drive Unlimited 3 Developers and Gameplay

While the video did not show any official gameplay, we can see that there are several close-ups of the cars that will be debuting in the game, and snippets regarding them from Jarniou.

There were cars from Bugatti, Ferrari, Dodge, Lamborghini, and Porsche as manufacturers included in the initial line-up.

From the video, we can already see a Bugatti Chiron, Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Diablo, and more. Note that these are the starting line-up, and there are more cars coming along the way.

KT Racing, part of WRC Studio, has been revealed to be the developer of Test Drive Unlimited 3. According to Nacon, KT Racing’s publisher, the racers will compete against each other in a race of ‘mysterious stakes’, and get a chance to rise in status among the character’s community. Racers can once again drive around in beautiful cars, and experience the joy of driving around a gorgeous island on a 1:1 scale.

All of KT Racing’s and WRC Studios’ expertise with motor racing games has been utilized to create Solar Crown, adds Jarniou.

TDU Solar Crown Banner Image

Other Test Drive Unlimited 3 Predictions

We have high hopes for Test Drive Unlimited 3, as it’s been almost a decade since the last game came out. We do hope that KT Racing takes care of the handling physics of the game, which does need improvements from TDU2. WRC games are generally good with the physics of their games, including for the engine to drive the car in different conditions like asphalt, gravel, etc.

Hopefully, the island location will feature various types of road conditions. There is nothing better in a game except for one which has asphalt, gravel, dirt, and more for racers to experience and try their luck out on.

Test Drive Unlimited became popular due to the fact that it was an open game world, which was a first at the time of its release. Fans of other games were amazed at the open-world features, and this is definitely a plus point that Test Drive Unlimited 3 should stick to.

Players would love to see a whole new range of cars and choices for players, which are the highlight of any motor racing games. Also, the updating in TDU2 drew flak from players, so the developers should take note of that.

All in all, we can’t wait for Test Drive Unlimited 3 to release more details soon. We are a long way from any official release but we’re willing to wait for it. We’ll have our ears to the ground, and will update you as soon as anything else of importance is revealed.


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