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Top 10 Best Puzzle Games of All Time to Play on PC

Top 10 Best Puzzle Games to Play on your PC
In this modern age, the invention of the computer has been the most outstanding achievement of mankind. With the computer, many online video games came into existence. Though at first, games were limited. With the evolution of technology, gaming has […]

In this modern age, the invention of the computer has been the most outstanding achievement of mankind. With the computer, many online video games came into existence. Though at first, games were limited. With the evolution of technology, gaming has seen a new wave.

Puzzle games are one of the best PC games that stimulate your brain. The benefits of playing and solving puzzle games for adults improve IQ level. Children can gain good concentration and problem-solving habits. Best puzzle games pc can enhance your cognitive skills.

Top 10 Best Puzzle Games to Play on your PC

There are many PC puzzle games that you can unravel. You can either download or purchase it. The best Pc puzzle games of all time for game lovers are:

1) The Witness

The Witness Game Image

The Witness is one of the good pc puzzle games developed and published by Thekla, Inc. Players usually get obsessed with this game. The design of the gameplay is very interactive, and it takes you on a mind-boggling journey. At the same time, you wake up with no one else on a strange island with many puzzles which can challenge you. The Witness game claims that it is our nature of human nature that seeks the not known fact and finds the genuine thing. The graphics of the best pc puzzle games, The witness is too good. So just solve the puzzle in this game.

2) Rooms – The Unsolvable Puzzle

Rooms – The Unsolvable puzzle game developed by Handmade Games will puzzle your mind, and you have to search the exit through explorations of sliding puzzles. The excellent aspect of the game makes it exceptional gameplay with the best portal mechanics. It has incredible graphics along with loads of challenges to face for puzzle game fans. All the puzzle game lovers can explore the mansion. Try to use gadgets and tools to escape from the room. At the end of this best puzzle games pc, the difficulty level of the game can elevate.

3) Portal 2

Portal 2 Game Image

The version of Portal 2 contains a wide world of puzzles developed by Valve. It is one of the best puzzle games of all time, full of adventures. Portal 2 takes the players on a journey of several puzzles from one portal to another one. The game has robots who are trying to get away through portals, and they need to solve the puzzle; otherwise, they will not be allowed. One of the critical features of Portal 2 is its scientific facilities and fantastic soundtrack.

4) Dwarflings

Dwarflings is an amalgamation of two famous classic puzzle gameplay developed and published by Starwind Games. Dwarflings enhance your logic skills. It also helps you to effectively strategize the control of dwarves’ abilities. Enjoy this exciting puzzle game to help the dwarflings escape. The game features five characters with their unique abilities. Try to adopt the strategy in this puzzle battle with many enemies. Uncover many friendly characters and solve this best puzzle games pc with creativity and sound logic.

5) She Remembered Caterpillars

This is a unique Indian puzzle game developed by Jumpsuit Entertainment and designed by David Priemer. She Remembered Caterpillars gameplay is one of the best puzzle games of all time and features puzzles that are drawn with hands and awesome. The art style of She remembered caterpillars is quite good, and it will keep the players hooked to the game. For playing this game, you need to cross the bridges that are built with breathing and living caterpillars. You have to help the tiny mushroom beings called Gammies to cross the bridges. As the level of the game increases, the difficulty level also elevates. This is one of the best puzzle games, which feature many play styles with 40 levels. So try to solve the puzzles and remain hooked to the game.

6) FEZ

FEZ Game Image

This Indie puzzle game for PC is one of the perfect puzzle games which you can play for sure. It is a 2D 8-bit pixelated reality traversing adventure game developed by Phil Fish, Polytron Corporation, and Blitworks. In FEZ, You will get introduced to a bit of character known as Gomez. This game is 2D, but it can be rotated 90-degree angle to make it 3d for a few seconds. While the rotation is done, the whole world of Gomez changes, and it helps him to navigate the places to finally get to the finishing point. FEZ has amazing gameplay that allows the player to solve a 3D puzzle in the world of 2D.

7) Back to Bed

Back to bed is one of the humorous pc puzzle games developed by Bedtime Digital Games and 2Awesome Studio. The player needs to guide Bob, who is sleepwalking from his office to home, by helping Subob, the subconscious guardian. Bob and Subob have to travel through an unreal quest of a puzzle world. The borderline of Bob’s dream and the real world are blurred. So try to help Bob’s guardian to guide Bob back to this bed through several puzzles.

8) Chromagun

Chromagun Screenshot

Chromagen is one of the best Xbox one puzzle games developed and published by Pixel Maniacs. This shooter puzzle gameplay rotates around to solve colour puzzles. The players need to use a big chromagen for shooting colours stuck at the walls along with several Worker droids hovering around the room. Droids get attracted to the same colour of the wall. You need to organize the droids in the right ways for unlocking the room.

9) Valiant Hearts: The Great War

It is a creative puzzle game presented by Ubisoft studio. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is one of the high-quality Xbox one puzzle games offered to players. Explore the story of 4 heroes who were swept away by World War 1. This game blends adventure and puzzles. It is packed with action, and the story takes us back to the historical locations of the western front. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a lively game with powerful engines and creative concepts. Don’t waste time and just play.

10) The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle Game Image

The Talos Principle is another good Xbox one puzzle games based on philosophical science fiction developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. It creates an amazing world. You need to overcome the challenge of puzzles and thus prove technological merit.


So indulge yourself in the best puzzle games pc which can help you to enhance your creative ability. Try the above pc puzzle games to solve various puzzles.


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