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Ultimate Guide on Best Kotor 2 Planet Order

Ultimate Guide on Best Kotor 2 Planet Order
KOTOR 2 is Knights of the Old Republic 2; this planet order Kotor 2 game is designed to play in a particular order so that one could able to get a lightsaber (blade of a sword in the form of […]

KOTOR 2 is Knights of the Old Republic 2; this planet order Kotor 2 game is designed to play in a particular order so that one could able to get a lightsaber (blade of a sword in the form of laser) and start off converting two followers into Jedi Rand and Mia (premier hunter girl). The Kotor 2 planet order game is played in two different ways as a Jedi character and as a dark side Sith Lord. As a Jedi character with an average difficulty level in the game, Nar Shaddaa, Dantooine, Dxun, Korriban, Return to Dxun, Return to Onderon, Return to Dantooine. As a dark side, Sith Lord goes to Korriban, Dantooine, and Narr Shaddaa and then returns to Dxun and Onderon and at last return to Dxun and Onderon.

Finest Kotor 2 planet order To Use

The most acceptable Kotor 2 planet to use is Nar Shaddaa, Dxun, Dantooine, Onderon, and Korriban as it has the best narrative buildup. Let’s discuss in brief:

  • On Nar Shaddaa you help out the refugees and the people with the help errands, and there the battle stays personal, and in Nar Shadda you will be hunted by the premier or bounty hunters.
  • On Dxun, in Kotor 2 planet order the canyon is filled with carnivorous Cannoks and old sites. In the jungle, there are three enemies to attack with blasters and the bounty hunter friends.
  • On Dantooine, in the Kotor 2 planet order the path tends to be a little larger also by the end you can defend the government building with a motley group or band of mercenaries with your motley army.
  • On Onderon, in Kotor 2 order of planets, you will reach here for the second time after Dantooine where you will be involved in a full-scale civil war in which the Sith have already involved themselves in the war. Afterwards, in this area, you can whip up a riot and convince the people to stand to fight, which can cause death and chaos and leads towards the path of the dark side.
  • On Korriban, in planet order Kotor 2 when you land to this area search to the left and right of the Ebon Hawk and Kreia. You can find two tombs up ahead; these can become an annoying battle and get reward with a fair amount of experience to play and stay last in the game. The Darth Sion will be waiting for you in the academy and to enter the academy first; you have to enter into the automated training program. Also, this area may contain cloaked Sith Assassins and footlockers.

Kotor 2 best Companions for Each Planet

The Kotor 2 order of planets choosing the best companions for each planet is a good topic of discussion for both the new platers and the old players to enhance the gameplay storyline.

  • When landed at the Telos you will meet there with Bao Dur with an option to choose a companion for Bao, Atton and Kreia will be there as an option to opt and to choose Atton with Bao will be the best decision as they both can aware you about the dangers and sites in the first part of the planet.
  • In Kotor 2 order of planets on Onderon when you will be asked for your opinion for whom you would select as a more vigorous ruler of Onderon area, you should choose Mandalore only if you have Visas with you.
  • When you approach the Korriban cave at your first time in Kotor 2 planet order, you go with Atton and Visas as they are the only one who responds to the other and so the dialogue catches them both.
  • In planet order, Kotor 2, Atton, and Handmaiden’s combination is also suitable when you meet Ratrin on Nar Shaddaa. Handmaiden is good when it comes to the discipline in ruins. Mira is good in Dxun with the three Zhugs who stop you from getting to Mandalorian camp.

Planetary leveling path in SWTOR Explained

The SWTOR – Star Wars: The Old Republic story game is meant to be played in a specific order. The leveling path in swtor planet order is as follows:

  • The first step is to create the character to pick with a class and a faction for Jedi knight or the Bounty Hunter story. In Kotor 2 planet order, your main quest is called a class story represented by a purple quest icon. Your class quest will be executive to your class; however, the planetary story will be shared between all the classes.
  • If you wanted to include exploration quests, heroic quests, and flashpoint quests, you could add them through the side quests apart from the main quests. The exploratory quests are hidden as a default feature to make it look more comfortable for casual players. In swtor planet order while competing planets, you needed to find the secrets before reaching towards another planet which includes datacrons to give a permanent stat boost to all your characters.
  • In swtor planet order, the other orders like the class story, starter planet as Jedi Knights and Jedi Consulars start together, fleet – from where you will be sent to the Imperial or Republic Fleet, Capital Planet – after completing the first flashpoint to sent you to the second planet, The Republic Taris or Imperial Balmorra – after finishing the main quest this both have a bonus series of quests to complete, Nar Shaddaa – the fourth planet to land for both the Republic and Imperial players, Tatooine – next to the Nar Shaddaa planet.
  • Other orders in swtor planet order are Alderaan – well known for getting blown up in the Star Wars movies after Alderaan the Imperial and Republic players will be split for the final time Imperial to Taris and Republic to Balmorra, Quiche – after back-to-back flashpoints both players will be at quiche, Hoth – the ice planet which a lot of ground to cover, and many more to enjoy.


In Kotor 2 planet order, at the end of the spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint, a new expansion and storyline will be released during the game’s 10th anniversary with small story updates.


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