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Good Egg Galaxy – Mission 3 King Kaliente’s Battle Fleet Wow, I actually had a hard time going through this mission without taking damage. It’s pretty hard to not die, but man, they throw enemies at you everywhere, and I had to try several times before I managed to get this run. If the Good Egg Galaxy’s Comet Star was a Daredevil mission for this stage, it’d be one wicked gauntlet. Even with “Dreadnought’s Colossal Cannons,” I started up the Wii, took Mario to the very late-game Dreadnought Galaxy, and got him through without a hitch. But this one was way harder to get through without getting hit. If the Chain Chomps and maverick pointy bushes don’t get you, the Bullet Bills and the weird blue alien things will. If not King Kaliente himself, who’ll summon large numbers of invincible blue flame guys. Also, I wonder if the weird water planets at about 1:44 used to be part of something… Requested by pikmin125